Busy writing

Hey everyone, thanks for continuing to read the blog and commenting on the various posts. Even though I don’t have time to reply to them very often I still read them all and they remind me I should really update this more often!

Lately I’ve been busy writing – writing is one of those ‘dream job’ things for me; always wanted to end up as a writer but always put it to the back of my mind thinking well so do loads of people. For that reason I never wrote a thing, convinced anything I put to paper would be terrible.

But we’re into a new decade now so I thought why the hell not! So that’s what I’ve been busy doing. I decided to start with short stories because there are a lot of short story competitions out there and I knew that setting goals like entering the competitions would spur me on.

‘How’s this relevant?’ I hear you say! I’ve decided to enter the Ambit (200 words) competition with a synaesthesia-related bit of semi-prose semi-poetry.

At the moment I haven’t got a clue whether what I’ve written sounds completely bonkers or whether it sort of makes sense, but once the competition has been and gone and I’m happy with my entry I’ll post it on here to see what you think.

Back to the old writing… I’ll leave you with an author recommendation, someone who I absolutely love right now – Haruki Murakami. His short stories especially are inspired. I can’t stop reading his work.


3 Responses to Busy writing

  1. Neuance says:

    Thank you everyone for posting comments and insight to this site. My 12 year old niece has been struggling with reading since 1st grade. She is currently assessed as two grades behind. The teachers say she has to try harder. – Through the comments on this site and the assessment tool elsewhere, I have been able to determine that she has:
    Grapheme → color synesthesia
    Numbers → color synesthesia
    Sound → color synesthesia
    Time → space synesthesia
    Time → color synesthesia
    Objects → feeling synesthesia
    Smell → feeling synesthesia
    Food → color/feeling synesthesia

    My question: How do people improve their reading to advance grade levels? Any tips, tools, etc are greatly appreciated!

  2. Chris says:

    Firstly Murakami’s fantastic, Kafka on the Shore is brilliant magical realism, I’d recommend Salman Rushdie if you haven’t already discovered him. I’m in the same boat as you, aspiring writer starting out with those competitions. I’ve just had an idea for a longer work in which the protagonist begins to experience sight to sound synaesthesia, particularly when hearing certain songs played on the piano. I was wondering if yours is selective, are their triggers that evoke colours? And from your experience is it something that can develop?

    I myself picture days of the week with very clear colours, a monday is a red for example. Would be good to get some of your experiences of synaesthesia particularly where music is concerned.

    Good luck with the writing.

  3. MrKappa says:

    I may have posted this on your blog already, however ASMR, is worth looking into, it will most likely trigger your synesthesia.

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