Replying to comments Part 2

Thanks for all your questions folks, here’s answers to a few more….

From Chris, 29th Sept 09
Q: What way do you see your synesthesia. As a progector or an associator?
A: I’m an associator – the colours are in my mind’s eye not in external space.

From Vivian, 27th Sept 09
Q: Is it possible to have just pain synethesia? I dont have any others exept I do see the color red when thinking of it.
A: I suppose so, though I’m not a scientist, just a synaesthete. Maybe non-synaesthetes can tell us if they see pain as red?

From Tasha, 11th August 09
Q:What do you find most difficult?
What do you enjoy about it?
What if anything makes you feel lonely or isolated about having syn?
A: The most difficult thing is when the colour I see for a person doesn’t match the colour their personality projects – then I tend to forget their name or get them mixed up with someone else.
I enjoy (love!) everything about it, it’s part of me, and I love seeing colour all the time.
For me synaethesia causes no loneliness or isolation.


2 Responses to Replying to comments Part 2

  1. Vivian says:

    I am Vivian Lau ,a producer of London College of Communication student documentary. My team would like to do a documentary based on Synesthesia . I would like to ask if you are happy to speak to us about people who are synesthesia , their experiences ,their genes or how their brains different to others etc . If possible , we would like to have an interview with you or a researcher on this topic who live in London for convencence .

    We have a small crew size of six people, our documentary is short film of 6 minutues. Our production shooting is from 26 th OCT to 2 nd NOV .
    We are very interested in this topic and wish to introduce Synesthesia through an exciting and causual documentary to audiences.

    Thank you for your attention and I would like to hear from you soon.

    Vivian Lau
    London College of Communication BA FILM AND VIDEO YR2

  2. Kye says:

    I am not a synesthete but i associate plenty of things as color. Like pain can be red because of blood or death can be black because of decay.

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