Replying to comments Part 1

There have been so many comments on the blog since I stopped writing so I will try and reply to some even if they were from as far back as 2007, because my answers might be the answers other people are searching for too.

Anna (comment on ‘music colour synaesthesia’  June 20th 2007) – it’s good that you found out about what your daughter was experiencing. I don’t know of any particular synaesthesia tests but it’s my personal opinion that synaesthesia is so diverse and complicated that standard tests may not be satisfactory and don’t really prove anything anyway. I hope your daughter is able to enjoy her colours and sensations.

Sam (comment on ‘music colour synaesthesia’ May 30th 2008) – Oliver Sacks is pretty cool isn’t he – I’m reading ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ at the moment which is fantastic. I haven’t read Musicophilia though so I’ll have to buy that next. At the moment I think I only see colours rather than experience hallucinatory sensations, but similar to you I do find that my synaesthesia evolves, or I notice it in different circumstances, so I don’t rule anything out.

More answers to come…


4 Responses to Replying to comments Part 1

  1. Tasha says:

    Hi, I am a writer, currently researching for a novel that features themes of synesthesia. Im keen to find out about the uniques experiences of people who have synesthesia.
    Especially for example:

    What do you find most difficult?
    What do you enjoy about it?
    What if anything makes you feel lonely or isolated about having syn?

    If you want to contact me please do. Tasha at:

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  3. Ella says:

    Could you tell ne the color you see the name Ella as?

  4. julia says:

    I’m doing a research project about synesthesia and I would love to hear from anyone who has this condition, as I want to know about people’s experiences and all that. Contact me at

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