Personality Colours

I find myself becoming increasingly disappointed when a singer or some such person in the public eye who I’ve heard about does not live up to the colour I saw for them. What I mean is, as I’ve mentioned before, people seem to have colours that are somtimes unrelated to just their name, so their name can have a colour but then they as a person might be a different colour (very confusing). I always find it a bit disconcerting when someone turns out to be the ‘wrong’ colour.

For example, the singer Jack Penate was very vibrant orange (because J is orange), but Jack has always been black to me so that was the first confusion. And then I saw a photo of Jack Penate and he SO was NOT orange and it was all wrong. He’s more of a fuzzy browny black in person.

I suppose it works the other way around too though – it’s quite nice when someone does match their colour, like Kate Nash. I had imagined her to be orangy brown from the first time I heard her (possibly because the song she sang was Caroline’s A Victim and ‘Caroline’ I saw as orange). It was refreshing to then see her on tv and realise that the colours I imagined weren’t a bad match for the colours of her in person.

I still haven’t been able to pinpoint what it is about a person that makes them a certain colour though. I think it will always remain a mystery.


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  1. Sarah Young says:

    I do exactly the same thing, do you have a small range of colours that people could be then catagorise them accordingly or it it more ramdon than that? i seen to have the same few colours and similar people (usually- sometimes its random) are a similar colour. I experience the same confusion with i name sometimes that is a different colour all together. I think for me the colours are based on attributes of that persons personality but thats not always the case for me often i know imediatley what colour a person is then sometimes it takes a while.

  2. Abartley says:

    I have personality > color synesthesia as well. Every person has a set or one color at any given moment that I am looking at them. I think it’s based on their personality characteristics.

  3. CM says:

    I do much the same thing, and I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind answering.

    I’m a fairly young synesthete (midway teenager), and is it possible for synesthesia to make itself apparent not in childhood, but during puberty? Maybe I had just never noticed it before (I have music-color synesthesia, and only began playing an instrument in middle school. However, when the colors came, they came quickly and majorly. Now all I have to do is hear someone talk to begin seeing colors).

    Also, is there any insight into what really causes synesthesia? Is it something to do with your genes, when you’re born, or does it develop afterwards?

    Thank you so much. And as for your last statement on the post, I think it’s something that has to do with emotion colors (not sure if anyone else gets these). I attribute certain colors to certain emotions, or certain feelings. When a person tends to emote or act a certain way, I attribute the slew of colors that goes with how they feel, to them. It sounds a bit more complicated than it really is, and it happens to me automatically.

    • Hey, I know this is a comment from 7 years ago and you’ve probably already gotten answers to your questions, but I saw it and couldn’t help but reply! I also have emotion to colour synesthesia (and personality to colour synesthesia) so if you want to talk more about it, I’d love to! Also, the last sentence of what you said is awesome!

      I have synesthesia as well, and I found that although it’s been present my whole life, I only became aware of it in puberty. Once I was aware of it, it became more prominent obviously because I was actively thinking about it. I also think if it started when you started playing music, or around the same time, that could definitely happen because when I started learning French I found that spoken French had colours, but before then it was just the same as any language I didn’t understand, it had no real spoken colours.

      There’s thought that it could be genetic, but no one in my family has it, and I know a synesthete with a brother who’s colour-blind, so not necessarily I don’t think. They still don’t really know.

      I’d love to talk more about synesthesia because I love finding out about other people’s experiences!


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  10. lauren says:

    Thank you to everyone who posted a message on here over the last couple of years – this blog had been left untouched but your messages still arrived at my inbox and I read them all.

    I will begin to reply to them on the blog over the next few days, even comments from two years ago.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. Kayla says:

    I’m not sure whether I have an “overactive imagination” or I am a personality-color synesthete. I might have been doing this before and I might not remember, but just in the past month or two I’ve had the urge to title people with colors. It will bug me until I have the right one, too.
    I know that what I feel has NOTHING to do with favorite colors- (I visualize these things in my head if I think of their personality/ picture)
    My favorite color is aqua, but I am clearly and undoubtibly an orange. My mom loves red, although she’s a brown…etc.
    What do you think?

    • i know EXACTLY what you mean! my faovorite color is aqua blue as well, but my name is hot pink (ew) and my personality is peach. ughhh

      • Kayla says:

        It’s especially annoying, cause I don’t notice it all the time… And I want to know what the colors even mean. Like how blue and purple for me are usually sad/ depressed, but for my friend, (aqua blue) she’s almost always crazy happy. Shades must make a difference… or it’s just different for everyone… I’m really interested in meeting another orange person… I wonder if same colors are compatable or not. GAh! I have no clue what my name is, though… maybe a hint of silver. idkkk

  12. Sophie says:

    I’ve been wondering about synaesthesia for a while because recently I’ve been noticing things a bit like you describe. Sometimes I just have to label people with colours, and I don’t have to think about it, I can just see the colour they are.
    It always seems to relate to there personality: bubbly people are more yellow/red and people who feel fake or are trying to fit in with others seem orange. People who bitch always seem pinky and quiet people are purple. Blue is people who are quite open and green is a talkative personality.
    So I see personalities as colours, but not like letters or numbers. Sometimes if I think of a word, like sky, I see blue, etc, but I wonder if this is just an over-active imagination?
    I don’t know! What do you think?

    • Sophia says:

      that’s funny, i’ve always seen the fake, snobby people as purple, and orange as very in-your-face, otherwise what i see matches up with you pretty well.
      I’m wondering if you see “sky” as blue purely because that’s what color the sky IS though? those words are put together so often.

  13. stahosteore says:

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  15. Anna says:

    What other music do you listen whose artists have specific colours? What is Thom Yorke’s colour for you/

  16. so i have a really hard time remembering people’s names if they dont match their face, body, or personality. also, its just kind of annoying. like my kindergarten buddy’s name is Kiana which is hot pink with a splash of orange for the N but her personality is totally 100% brown. ughh. and my name is hot pink but i consider my personality peach most of the time. people should pick their names when their older and have personalities or be born with their REAL name- you know what i mean?

    also- i just have a quick question, when your reading a book that doesnt have pictures, a movie, TV show or anything that shows he character’s face, do you see the face in your mind or just a smudge of their personality color? like for example, in twilight (before the movie came out) i imagined the word Bella as a soft blue ribbon that was slowly drifting to the ground. but when i see the movie, kirsten stewart is a hot pink/yellow name with a peach face and red personality. light blue does not = peach which does not = red. am i making sense?

  17. Kim W. says:

    Just coming in to share a story about someone I once met who also had personality-color synesthesia. He was the regular in-house stage manager for a theater company I worked with once – but he wasn’t able to work on a particular show, and I was hired instead; he came to the rehearsals anyway when he could, and told us about this during one rehearsal.

    Kendal Moran, above, asked about what people see when reading books; I don’t know if my friend speaks for everyone, but he’s said that after he’s been working on a play for a while, he starts seeing each characters’ lines on the page in different color type, each color corresponding with that character’s “color”. He says that it always makes finding his place in a script a lot easier than usual!

    I also once was having a very bad day, and he came to meet me at the door and let me in – he was laughing when he came around the corner to greet me, but then I heard him stop laughing and ask “are you okay?” when he saw me. Later I realized that my back was to him, so he hadn’t seen the look on my face – so there wasn’t any way he could have known I was upset. Then I realized — maybe my “color” was different.

    For the record – all of the non-synesthetes who found out about this all thought it was the Kewlest Thing Ever, and all asked him what our “colors” were. The funny thing was, he said our lead — who was a very dramatic and aggressive kind of guy — was a very fiery red-orange. The rest of us all just laughed and said “yeah, that makes sense…”

  18. jackie says:

    My daughter sees personalties in geometric shapes and colors. She describes it as a curve above the person, and in her own head. She started this at 4 years old. It was on and off, then stayed on. I started a notebook on what she said about each person she knows and it has never varied. It does seem to follow the different types of people, in that very smart people will have tightly packed shapes making complesx patterns and colors while the free spirts have light colors with less complex shapes. She can tell who has been taking drugs by the changes in what she sees, a degrading of shapes and a mudding of colors. Each shape has different colors and that changes from person to person. it seems more complex than what I have read. I am grateful she cannot see this in people she is close to.

    • That’s really cool that she can tell who’s been taking drugs – I don’t think I can do that, because I wouldn’t understand the change in colour even if I did see it, but I can always tell when I need to be wary of a person because of the colours. Even when I’m not paying attention to a person’s colours, I will see aggression colours without having to look. It’s also interesting she says she can’t see it in people she’s close to – I thought the same thing for a while, but I’ve found I can with a little more concentration.

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  20. melissa says:

    I’m a personality and emotions color/texture synesthete…many people have their own abstract portrait in my head. My one friend is a black picture with glass texture in the middle that curves around..and there are 4 white rectangles at the bottom left. Another friend is a pale green sort of smudgyness.and blue with the same sort of smudginess at the bottom. My child hood babysitter was all rectangles most white and black and a few grey.

  21. C. Wright says:

    I wonder, do you experience any people as being beige in colour? Very occassionally I experience people as having colours. I have many other types of synaesthesia, including coloured singing and speaking voices.

  22. Gemma Rose says:

    You have no idea how amazing it is to find this website… I have always been able to do this, going through Primary School with no idea that nobody else could do it, my parents never understood and even synaesthetes have no idea what I was on about. YAY I’m so happy to read that, because I feel exactly the same with personality colours, although I tend to get multiple colours – one may be more dominant but there are usually 3 or 4 in total… This is so exciting! Amazing, very happy right now! 😀

    Can you use these colours to make links too? I can identify birth months etc from the personality colours too 🙂

    yay! ❤

  23. Hannah Cross says:

    It is so cool to see other people who are like me. I see a small cloud of colour around people that reflects their personality and emotion. People I know better have more complicated auras, people I don’t know start pale blue and progress. If someone’s name doesn’t fit their colour or tone then it irritates me and I have to give them a new name in my head. Yea for like-minded people!

  24. Sophia says:

    I JUST stumbled on this whole “extra sense” idea, and have been ignoring a lot of colors for a very long time- KATE NASH SO IS ORANGEY BROWN. thank God I’m not crazy.

  25. click says:

    Re: The person who produced the comment that this was a good web site really needs to possess their brain reviewed.

  26. willy8 says:

    I also habe synesthesia. It bothers me sometimes when im in a party or place with a lot of people, i get headachesconstantly because of these.

    also, I have noticed, that i see the color of a person, and also individual gestures that come in like a spark of a different color, and also i see a white dot when i like something.

    for years i have been trying also to identify the meaning of each color, I for me turned out to be rather simple, there is 5 simple types of personality, as described by most psychologists, each of them with a high and a low score. well, the colors i see mostly match these descriptions, for example: Blue: it is extroversion; light blue would be very extroverted and dark blue would be the exact oppposite. most of the colors i see are kind of on a gradual scale from a lighter o pail tone to a darker or more intense one.

    some other examples: green is intelligence, black is openness to experience, yellow: shame.

    i have built almost all my life around this “sixth sense”, since well, it allows me to know people before i actually meet them, really, sometimes it happens very fast like walking outside i see someone jogging and i see whatever color they are, and a “spark” of red which means effort or strenght.

    as guys can see i really investigated my synesthesia, every detail, every color, yet some are still hard to define.

  27. willy8 says:

    sorry for the typing mistakes…. iphone

  28. “Personality Colours COLOURFULanguage – synaesthesia”
    definitely makes me contemplate a little bit further.
    I adored each and every particular piece of this post.

    I appreciate it -Alex

  29. It’s really nice to read this and all the comments and know that I’m not the only one experiencing these things 🙂

  30. Adie says:

    I also get colors from people. I don’t really “see” them, more like I “feel” them. I’ve had this for three years now. The weirdest thing is that I only get colors from animals when they’re going to pass away soon, and only when they’re my pets.

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