i wonder

I’d be interested to know what percentage of grapheme-colour synaesthetes actually ‘pass’ this test

If a grapheme-colour synaesthete (such as myself) is shown this…


…then according to research, the synaesthete should be able to identify the shape within the image…


To me, the original image is just a load of black shapes on a page that don’t even look like 5s and 2s. There’s certainly no colour that pops out at me on the page. A page of black text is a page of black text and yet every letter and number is a colour when I think about it. I just wonder which is most common amongst grapheme-colour synaesthetes – actually seeing bold colours on a page of text or just knowing the colours are there but not actually seeing them instantly.


3 Responses to i wonder

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  2. Leore says:

    Intresting! I don’t have a particularly strong synesthesia, but it’s there.
    For me, I (like you) don’t see the 2’s pop out at me from the 5’s, and mostly see the color of numbers and letters in my mind’s eye and not on the page. Also, as a bilingual in Hebrew and English, I have colors for letters in both alphabet!!

  3. Julia L. says:

    Hi! I don’t have color-word synesthesia, nor is this really related to synesthesia (i think.)

    The first time I took the test I immediately noticed the 2’s from the 5. What was weird was that I thought the 2s were the more dominant of the group (owners.) I wasn’t that they changed their personality. (attentive, quiet) So I started counting the number of fives instead…..

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