different types of synaesthesia

The most common type of synaesthesia is grapheme – colour synesthesia where the individual sees letters, numbers and names as colours. This is the type of synaesthesia I will be talking about mostly because it is what I experience, but ocasionally I will also talk about words as textures or emotions because sometimes I experience this too.

Another type of synaesthesia is ordinal-linguistic personification where words evoke a personality or feeling.

In spatial-sequence synaesthesia, words for the individual are located in space.

Other forms of synaesthesia involve the individual tasting words, seeing words as shapes, seeing music as colour or experiencing textures for words.

The fascinating thing about synaesthesia is the sheer variation amongst types, and amongst individuals within those types. If I’ve missed anything out let me know.

*The general information in this post is taken from wikipedia so if it’s wrong blame them đŸ˜‰
I can only write about what I know. As much as possible I will be referencing my research sources, and I don’t always trust wiki hence the disclaimer.


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  1. sammi says:

    i read a book about this once. there was this girl and she had syn

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